Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

Our ac drives and controls products offer significant benefits for irrigation systems and other agricultural water pumping applications, including prevention of water hammer; prolonged life for pumps, pipes, valves and headworks; added pump starting capacity for limited electrical supplies; and intelligent control of the entire system — an important consideration for operations concerned with water and energy conservation.

We help water pumping stations operate at optimal efficiency by:

  • Reducing water and energy consumption/costs
  • Minimizing pump cycling through constant pressure control
  • Minimizing damage to unrelated equipment caused by pump start current surges
  • Protecting connected equipment (short circuit/overload protection)
  • Mitigating potential electrical hazards (ground fault protection)

Efficient and sustainable irrigation

With access to water resources becoming scarce in some regions of the world, efficient and sustainable irrigation is becoming more and more important. It’s all about supplying enough water to get maximum crop yield without using more water and energy than absolutely necessary.Our AC drives and pressure sensors adapt pressure or flow rate to the actual need. And integrated application software functions help to both protect the pipe system by limiting pressure boost, thus reducing leakage, and cut energy consumption.

The ultimate solution, and a very fast-growing trend, to reduce energy consumption is to use solar-powered pumps. We got a dedicated inverter series exactly for this purpose. Our product range includes a specially designed encapsulation for this environment and advanced software, meaning that operation is possible even when clouds are partially blocking sunlight from reaching the photovoltaic panels.


Convertwell Oy Ab

Convertwell Oy Ab
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