135N0363 VACON0020-1L-0005-2-X VACON VACON 20 X





    Company Name





    VACON 20 X

    Product details

    Gross weight 4.4 kg
    Net weight 3.4 kg
    Volume 0 l
    EAN Five trillion seven hundred ten billion one hundred eight million eight hundred sixty nine thousand fourteen

    Sales restriction control

    Matr grp for sales restriction 0001

    VACON 20 X

    Application No application additional
    Brea CE Brea CE
    Brea C-Tick Brea C-Tick
    Brea UL Brea UL
    Brea KC Brea KC
    Terminal box Prensacabl. term B without brake
    Calculated Gross Weight 4.4
    Calculated Gross Weight 4.4
    Calculated Net Weight 3.4
    Calculated Net Weight [kg] 3.4
    Categoryto product VACON
    Cross-Plant Configurable Mater VXS020X
    Csay sale Part 1 VACON0020-1L-0005-2-X
    CI say descriptive, part 1 70SCO01168
    Division 09
    Transport packaging Standard Packaging Material
    EMC levels C1 Commercial Environ
    Additional equipment To Without additional equipment To
    Additional equipment B Without additional equipment B
    System Firmware Software syst. multifunci
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Brake Without brake
    Ffactory recommended Not can be measured. provider
    Intensity With 5.6 amp.
    Measures of screen Units measure syst. mtrico
    Modelcode01 VACON0020-1L-0005-2-X
    Custom Product Vacon0020
    Product Group A84
    Product Hierarchy 09A8486407511
    Provider Not can be measured. provider
    Regional International
    Segment -X
    Series of products VACON 020
    Stockcode part 1 70SCO01168
    Tamaor frame Frame 02 X
    Tamaor frame Rack-02 -X
    Optional card slot And Without option
    Keyboard Without a keyboard
    Tension network 208-240 V AC
    Type of entry -1L