136N1814 VACON0100-3L-0005-4-X+FL03+A1181+HMGR VACON VA100X-3L-0005-4-X+BM1X-000000854





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    Product details

    Gross weight 9.8 kg
    Net weight 8.8 kg
    Volume 0 l
    EAN Five trillion seven hundred ten billion one hundred eight million eight hundred ninety five thousand two hundred thirty five

    VACON 100 X

    Category of products VACON®
    Series of products VACON 100
    Segment VACON 100X
    Mains voltage 380-480 V AC
    Intensity With 5.6 amp.
    Size of the frame MM 04
    CE approval CE approval
    Approval C-Tick Approval C-Tick
    UL approval UL approval
    Approval KC Approval KC
    Approval marine Without approval marine
    Battery real-time clock Without battery real time clock
    Terminal box Terminal box basic
    Calculated Gross Weight 9.55
    Calculated Net Weight [kg] 8.8
    Current Description With 5.6 AMP
    Code descriptive part 1 VA100X-3L-0005-4-X+BM1X
    Code descriptive part 2 -000000854
    Transport packaging Packing Material standard
    Additional equipment To Without additional equipment To
    Additional equipment B Without additional equipment B
    Additional equipment C Without additional equipment C
    System Firmware System Software GP
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Brake (+DBIN) Brake Chopper
    Factory recommended Not can be measured. provider
    Measures of screen Units measure syst. metric
    Modelcode01 VACON0100-3L-0005-4-X
    Modelcode03 +FL03
    Modelcode04 +A1181+HMGR
    Level of documentation Quick guide
    Levels EMC C2 Environment commercial and industr
    Package of languages for firmware Language: UK, ES, FR, IT, NL, PT
    Product Catalog NOT VIEW
    Provider Not can be measured. provider
    Regional International
    Selection FB internal Modbus, Backnet, N2 (+FBM2)
    Keyboard Keyboard chart
    View product (switch) Global (standard)