136N3585 7DP-065052-000030968 VACON VACON NXP Air Cooled

VACON NXP Air Cooled




    Company Name





    VACON NXP Air Cooled

    Product details

    Gross weight 471 kg
    Net weight 470 kg
    Volume 0 l
    EAN Five trillion seven hundred ten billion one hundred eight million nine hundred thirteen thousand seven hundred forty eight


    Categoryto product NXP Frequency Converter
    Intensity 650 Amp
    Tension network 380-500 Vac
    Control Panel Screen alphanumrica
    Housing IP21/NEMA1
    Levels of EMC emissions IEC61800-3, 2. environment
    Braking Chopper Do Not Brake
    Electrical Modification Standard 6-press with choke
    Mechanical Modification Standard air cooled drive
    Card Modifications Fiber+IntegrControl+varn.PCB
    Optional slot To Without card
    Option Slot B Not board
    Customized Drive VACON Dark Grey NXP
    Regi International (-R00)
    Garantto Garantto 12/18 months (+WT01
    System Firmware System software NXP
    Firmware language package FWlang, UK,FR,IT,ES,PT,WestEur
    Application No Special Application
    Engine Parameter Default Default Motor frequency 50HZ
    Transport packaging Wooden packing
    Level of documentation Guto rask to use
    Documentation Lang. Preference English
    Brea UL Brea UL
    Brea ATEX Brea CE
    Brea C-Tick (+GEF) Homologac. RCM N16307
    Brea KC Brea in Korea
    Calculated Gross Weight Four hundred seventy one
    Calculated Gross Weight Four hundred seventy one
    Calculated Net Weight Four hundred seventy
    Calculated Net Weight [kg] Four hundred seventy
    CI say descriptive, part 1 7DP-065052-117G1N
    Division 09
    EAC Approval EAC Approval
    Ffactory recommended Not can be measured. provider
    Labeling options no additional labels
    Modelcode01 NXP06505-A2L0SSB-
    Modelcode02 0000000000
    Option Slot C 00 Not Board on slot C
    Product Group A95
    Product Hierarchy 09A9502603770
    Provider Not can be measured. provider
    Optional slot D Without card
    Optional slot, And Without card
    Salescode part 1 NXP06505-A2L0SSB-
    Salescode part 2 0000000000
    Salestext FR1106505-2L
    Stockcode part 1 7DP-065052-117G1N
    Tamaor Chassis Frame 11
    Ukrainian Approval Ukrainian Approval