136F2335 70-AB3L00085W04B221BM26-00055824 VACON 100 FLOW 3 kW 3×380-500V, IP21, graphic panel buil..

AC Drive Vacon 100 3 kW 3×380-500V, IP21, graphic panel built-in, ethernet communication Modbus/TCP. RFI filters category C2. Harmonics filter EN61000-3-12




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    AC Drive Vacon 100 3 kW 3×380-500V, IP21, graphic panel built-in, ethernet communication Modbus/TCP. RFI filters category C2. Harmonics filter EN61000-3-12

    Product details

    Gross weight 7 kg
    Net weight 6 kg
    Volume 0 l
    Ean 5710108487201

    VACON 0100

    Product group VACON
    Product series Vacon 100 Series
    Segment VACON 100 Industrial
    Customized Vacon 100
    Regional code R00 – International
    Mains voltage 380-500 V AC
    Nominal intensity 8 amp.
    Installation options DM – converter module
    Accommodation IP21
    Control panel MK01 graphic keyboard
    EMC Emission Limit Category C2 environment eat. and indus.
    Common mode filter No option (+P000)
    DUT filter No option (+P000)
    Braking Chopper Integrated braking chopper
    Warranty period 12/18 Month Warranty (+WT01)
    Real-time clock option No real-time clock battery
    Power connections No poten options. (+P000)
    Main circuit None
    Cable input Condu plate. metric in +IP21
    Additional equipment B No option for Qxxx_B (+Q000)
    Additional equipment C No choice. for Qxxx_C
    Transport package Cardboard box as emb. Trans.
    Optional card slot B 3 SBF3 relay card
    Optional C-slot card No choice
    Optional card slot D No choice
    Optional E-slot card No choice
    Internal FB selection Prot. est., Modbus, N2, BacNet
    Preferred document language Manuals in Spanish (+DLES)
    Level of documentation Printed manuals incl. (+DPAP)
    Language package for firmware Language: UK, ES, FR, IT, NL, PT
    Application No application
    Set of parameters No param game. Application
    Freq. Default. Param. Engine Aj. Pred. Freq. 50 Hz engine
    On-screen unit of measurement Internal SI units of measure.
    UL approval UL approval (+GAUL)
    RCM approval (+GACT) RCM Approval N16307
    KC approval KC approval
    EAC approval EAC approval
    EC approval EC Approval (+GACE)
    Function mode. bypass control ninguno_
    Bypass input type ninguno_
    Conex type. Bypass power ninguno_
    Input devices ninguno_
    Common mode filter no option (+P000)
    DU/DT filter, sine filter no option (+P000)
    Feed. DC for disp. Aux. None
    AC connector for disp. Aux. no option (+C000)
    Auxiliary power supply no option (+C000)
    Terminal options ninguno_
    Door equipment no option (+C000)
    Emergency stop options no option (+C000)
    Isolation failure sensor no option (+C000)
    Wardrobe heater no option (+C000)
    Wardrobe light no option (+C000)
    Engine heater control no option (+C000)
    Soluc design. closet None
    Marine construction no choice
    Wiring from top no option (+C000)
    Rear channel cooling no option (+C000)
    Wardrobe stand None
    Phase Three-phase AC input
    Firmware Paq. software for Vacon 0100
    Rack size Rack 04
    Marine approval None
    ATEX approval None
    Approval in Ukraine Approval in Ukraine
    Country-specific approval None
    Terminal box None
    Calculated Gross Weight 7
    Calculated Gross Weight 7
    Calculated Net Weight 6
    Calculated Net Weight [kg] 6
    Product catalog Global (Standard)
    Descriptive code part 1 70-AB3L00085W04B221BM26
    Descriptive code part 2 -00055824
    Recommended factory Cannot be determ. Supplier
    Modelcode01 VACON0100-3L-0008-5
    Modelcode02 +FL03+DPAP+DLES
    Labeling options no additional tags
    Supplier Cannot be determ. Supplier
    Salestext MR04-0008-5+IP21+EMC2
    Stockcode part 1 70-AB3L00085W04B221BM26
    Stockcode part 2 -00055824
    Product view (switch) Global (Standard)