136U9645 VACON 70-AB3L02055W08B220BM26-00125581




    Company Name





    Product details

    Gross weight 67 kg
    Net weight 66 kg
    Volume 0 l
    EAN Five trillion seven hundred fourteen billion eight hundred fifty three million seventy seven thousand five hundred ninety five

    Allocate codes for sales

    Customer Specific Not

    Sales restriction control

    Matr grp for sales restriction 0001

    VACON 0100

    Category of products VACON
    Series of products VACON 100 series
    Segment VACON 100 Industrial
    Customized VACON 100
    Regional code R00 = International
    Mains voltage 380-500 Vac
    Rated 205 amp.
    Installation options DM = module converter
    Power range configur IP21
    Control Panel Keyboard chart MK01
    Category limit emission EMC C2 environment to eat. and indus.
    Filter of common-mode Without option (+P000)
    Filter DUT Without option (+P000)
    Braking Chopper Without dispo. dynamic braking
    Warranty period Warranty 12/18 months (+WT01
    Option real-time clock Without battery real time clock
    Power connections No Power options (+P000)
    Main circuit None
    Cable entry Plate condu. metric +IP21
    Additional equipment B No option to Qxxx_B (+Q000)
    Additional equipment C Without additional option to Qxxx
    Transport packaging Cardboard box as packaging d
    B-Slot Option Board 3 Relay board SBF3
    C – Slot Option Board Not Board on slot C (+SC00)
    D-Slot Option Board Not Board on slot D (+SD00)
    E-Slot Option Board Not Board on slot E (+SE00)
    Selection FB internal Standard protocol, Modbus, N2
    Preferred language of document Manual in Spanish (+DLES)
    Level of documentation Printed manuals included (+
    Firmware Language Pack UK, ES, FR, IT, NL, PT lang
    Application (+A1181) Solar pump appl sw
    Adjustment of output frequency No set of parameters for
    Freq. default. parameter selection. engine Aj. pred. freq. engine 50 Hz
    Unit of measure on the screen Units of measure system
    UL approval UL approval (+GAUL)
    Approval C-Tick for the p (+GEF) Homologac. RCM N16307
    Approval EAC Approval KC
    EAC Approval EAC Approval
    CE approval CE approved (+GACE)
    Bypass Control Operation Mode none_
    Type of input Bypass None
    Bypass power connection type none_
    Input devices None
    Filter of common-mode without option (+P000)
    Filter DU/DT, sine filter without option (+P000)
    Alimentac. CC disp. aux. None
    Connector AC disp. aux. without option (+C000)
    Power supply helps without option (+C000)
    Terminal options ninguno_
    Equipment for door without option (+C000)
    Options emergency stop without option (+C000)
    Sensor fault isolation without option (+C000)
    Heater closet without option (+C000)
    Light closet without option (+C000)
    Control the heater of the engine without option (+C000)
    Design: solution. closet None
    Construction marine without the option
    Cabling from top without option (+C000)
    Cooling back-channel without option (+C000)
    Pedestal cabinet None
    Phase AC input three-phase
    Firmware Paq. software for VACON 0100
    Size Chassis Frame 08
    Approval marine No
    ATEX approval No
    Specific approval of the country No
    Terminal box No
    Calculated Gross Weight Sixty seven
    Calculated Gross Weight Sixty seven
    Calculated Net Weight Sixty six
    Calculated Net Weight [kg] Sixty six
    Code descriptive part 1 70-AB3L02055W08B220BM26
    Code descriptive part 2 -00125581
    Factory recommended Not can be measured. provider
    Labeling options Without additional tags
    Modelcode01 VACON0100-3L-0205-5
    Modelcode02 +FL03+A1181+DPAP+DLES
    Provider Not can be measured. provider
    Salescode part 1 VACON0100-3L-0205-5
    Salescode part 2 +FL03+A1181+DPAP+DLES
    Salestext MR08-0205-5+IP21+EMC2
    Stockcode part 1 70-AB3L02055W08B220BM26
    Stockcode part 2 -00125581
    Ukrainian approval Ukrainian Approval